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Pay Per Click Advertising


There are certain search engines which will list your domain name if you pay them a fee every time someone clicks on your web address from their web page.  This way you only pay for actual visitors to your web site. 

The biggest PPC search engine is Overture.  Listings start at .10 and are seen on a variety of search engines including Yahoo, MSN and Dogpile. 

Google also has a PPC engine.  Google adwords are seen on Google and AOL.

There are other PPC's, but the results on those aren't reported to be very good.  

PPC's should be used very carefully.  You can get targeted visitors to your web site using this method, but if you aren't careful you can burn through a lot of money with these if you select the wrong words to target. 

The best advice is to go to Overture and study the prices of the words you want to target.  For more information on how to do this, visit selfpromotion.com.  It's free and you can get a lot of helpful tips there.






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