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How to Get Your Website onto the Internet

also known as Publishing your Website



It is very easy to get your website from your computer to the internet.  Please click on the link below that describes your web site software:

I am using WebsiteforMe's Web Builder. 

I am using Front Page 2002.

I am using another Web Builder.

Please note: if you just signed up with a hosting account with us, your web site won't be visible until your domain name is pointed to our servers.  For more information on this, please click here. 

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If you are using our web site builder all you need to do is click the button that says Publish in the top left corner of the web site builder. 

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If you are using Front Page 2002 there are several ways you can publish your web site to the internet using Front Page.  Most Front Page users select the first HTTP method. 

Please click on a link below for step-by-step instructions:

Publish your website via HTTP

Publish your website in live mode via HTTP

Publish your website via FTP

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If you are using another Web Builder, you will need FTP software installed on your computer.  This will allow you to get your website files from your computer to your hosting account.

We recommend ws_ftp LE because it's easy to use and it's free.  You may also wish to consider ws_ftp pro which costs $39.95.

Click here to download ws_ftp LE 

Once you have installed ws_ftp le on your computer, please click here for step by step instructions on how to transfer your files.












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