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How to Attract Visitors to your Web Site


There are many ways you can promote your web site to attract visitors, but not all of these are recommended. 

In our opinion some of these are a complete waste of time and money.  The reason we are listing these along with the services we do recommend is so that you can be aware of what's out there and can make an informed decision if you ever do run across one of these "opportunities."

You can increase your chances of getting a favorable search engine listing by optimizing your web pages.

Optimization is just a fancy word that means you try to set up your web site in a way that search engines like so people searching the internet will find your web site listing near the top of the search engine's list. 

There are literally thousands of sites which will show you how to optimize your web site.  The two best web sites we have found that walk you through web site optimization step-by-step are selfpromotion.com (for beginners) and spider-food.net.  They are both free to use and are good resources. 

We suggest staying away from web sites that want you to pay them to optimize your web site.  While some of these services aren't bad, some of them are complete rip-offs.  You can spend just a bit of time and figure it out for yourself which can save you a whole lot of money.










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